For the community

Thoughts rumble through this webmaster’s head as to how else we, the Louisville Pagan Pride Day web site can continue to contribute to the community.  Not just once a year for Louisville Pagan Pride Day, but as a community resource.

We have created a community page to act as a resource for people in this community.  The links are provided by the community, for the community, as a community.

Categories are sorted by alphabetical and by this order:
Brick and Mortar Stores – a link to their web site for address and hours of operation.  Knock on door, come in to shop
Online shops – includes Etsy, eBay and the ilk.
Out of town – Brick and Mortar or Online… if they are out of the Louisville Metro area, they fall into this category

Festival Grounds and Venues – Local, distant, etc. Just a link to the web sites and approximate distance to Louisville and nearest town by Google Maps.  Sorted by distance from the center of Louisville as the crow flies to their front gate.  Follow the festival grounds links to find out if a festival is available at those locations (maintained by their webmaster).

Facebook – Any resource available on Facebook.  Sorted alphabetically.

Please note, these are not endorsement links of any venue, service or provider.  These links are to provide a service to the Louisville community.

If you would like to be added to this list, please use this post in the Louisville Pagans Facebook Group.  Please provide name and a website link.