2021 LPPD Canceled.

Love for our community is and always will be at the heart of everything we stand for at Pagan Pride. That includes the health and safety of that community. We cannot ignore the rising number of COVID-19 cases in the Louisville area. This coupled with the CDC’s and the Kentucky Department for Public Health’s recommendation to steer clear of large gatherings has led to the planning committee’s decision to cancel Pagan Pride 2021.

To all of our vendors and sponsors, we will be issuing refunds unless you let us know that you want to carry over your money to Pagan Pride 2022. If it is safe to do so, we may host a Spring Equinox event to help bridge the gap between now and the Fall Equinox when we host our main event.

We all need to focus our energy towards a common goal of helping to heal our community and lifting each other up so we can come out of this pandemic stronger for it. We recognize that we are all feeling the loss of being able to come together in celebration. However, it is best that we do what we can to protect each other and our community so that when we do come together again, we are all healthy and whole. With a heavy heart and much love. Your Pagan Pride Organizing Committee

Oh yeah. 2021 is on!

It’s on like Donkey Kong!

The LPPD Staff is proud to give you Louisville Pagan Pride Day 2021 on September 11, 2021 at the Brown-Foreman Amphitheater.

If you are interested in vending, please take some time to read the Merchant Info page that will give you information of what can and cannot be sold, what to do, and how much.

If you are a participant, please come as you are, leave the politics at home, and enjoy yourself. Please feel free to join our Facebook page for some information, fun and up to date info.

Louisville PPD 2020 Cancelled

Hey, everyone. We have some sad news to share. The organizing committee has voted and it was decided that Louisville’s Pagan Pride will be cancelled this year. This was a very hard decision to make and it was made with the safety of our community at heart. We could not in good conscious bring people together when there is still a very real risk. We connected with several medical professionals in our community and they all expect to see another surge of cases in the Fall. That, coupled with the lack of enforceable guidelines for large events to help keep people safe, was what lead to our decision.

The committee is talking about hosting a Spring event such as a picnic to bring the community together when it is safe to do so. Until then, we are thinking of you all and we can’t wait to see you when we can once again come together and celebrate as a community.

Much Love to you all.

Stay tuned for LPPD 2021 Dates!

LPPD 2019 Vendor Info

Happy July, WONDERFUL people!

As you may know, we are gearing up for a great and wonderful Louisville Pagan Pride Day, 2019.

As usual, it is the first Saturday after Labor Day, and while it may seem early, it is September, 7, 2019.

We have a new process this year and new list of web pages for registering as an Information booth:  No more Google forms!

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Fundraiser: Mama Gina Concert

Mama Gina is a touring singer/songwriter, fearless storyteller, and wanderlust. With down-to-earth, bluesy vocals, a bit of humor, and straight-ahead, rhythmic, acoustic guitar, djembe and frame drum, she tells the true stories that fall into her head and heart. She sings of our responsibility to nurture both the mundane and the Divine. You’ll also meet Nine Toes the Bard, a 15th century Welsh lass who once dealt with a Dragon. She now travels the world, singing tales of love and battle, Pirates and Vikings, damsels and elves, trolls and that wicked Dragon that left her one digit shy. And you’ll encounter the intra-galactic Bard, Ava/She Walks the Stars, where you’ll find out how very human we still are, no matter how far we step into the void. Come laugh, weep, laugh some more and sing along with Mama Gina and all her alter-egos!

Wednesday, June 12, 2019 at the First Unitarian Church, Louisville 809 S 4th St, Louisville, Kentucky 40203

Note: This is not a free event. Please visit our Facebook page for details. Purchase tickets here.