New for LPPD ’18

Experience LPPD ‘s New Path Walk. Join us throughout the day, at your leisure, for a series of self-directed interactive art installations designed to extend the exploration of pathwork journey.

Begin with a community focus. Bring a pennant (about 8×10), or design one on the spot, to add a statement of personal or coven identity as we build our flag banner. Watch it grow every year!

Next, travel through the five central stations, each asking for your participatory reflection on the different Elemental aspects.

Finally, acknowledge those who came before, both a physical and spiritual inspirations. Place a memento, as you wish, on the community ancestor shrine.

(LPPD is not responsible for lost, stolen or left items at the event. If you intend to reclaim your item, please do so before your departure.)
Have fun exploring the Path Walk!