LPPD 2019 Vendor Info

Happy July, WONDERFUL people!

As you may know, we are gearing up for a great and wonderful Louisville Pagan Pride Day, 2019.

As usual, it is the first Saturday after Labor Day, and while it may seem early, it is September, 7, 2019.

We have a new process this year and new list of web pages for registering as an Information booth:  No more Google forms!

Click the links below:

Would you need one 10×10 booth? Click here: https://louisvillepaganpride.org/product-category/one-booth/ this includes space in the program.

Do you find yourself busting at the seams with a 10×10 booth?  For a little more, you can “upgrade” to a 10×20 booth:  https://louisvillepaganpride.org/product-category/two-booths/  This includes space in the program.

Information Booth Application https://louisvillepaganpride.org/product-category/information-booth/  and includes space in the program.

Are you a part of a hearth, grove, coven, kindred, group or other gathering, we have an option for you too!  https://louisvillepaganpride.org/product-category/groups/  This includes space in the program we hand out.

Not able to attend, and still would like an ad in the program?  Click here: https://louisvillepaganpride.org/product-category/ad-only/

The “new” portion of this process is that you will be able to pay at the same time as you apply!

Please be sure to read the rules for vending:  https://louisvillepaganpride.org/merchant-info/vendorinfo/ 

We also have hotel information for you out of towners! https://louisvillepaganpride.org/merchant-info/hotel-info/

Please follow and share our event on the Louisville Pagan Pride FaceBook Page: https://www.facebook.com/LouisvillePaganPride/