Louisville Pagan Pride Day 2018

Slightly Bad Weather

We, the Louisville PPD Committee would LOVE to thank EVERYONE who braved the weather, good AND bad for attending YOUR Louisville PPD 2018!

Banding together a couple of days before, with a focused intention to stave off the bad weather for a good portion of the day was instrumental in a very successful event. This was truly magickal.

We do apologize for shutting down early, but we paid close attention to the weather forecast and decided it was best for, not only the participants, but also for the merchants (who still had to pack up, sometimes more than two additional hours after the event) to close and complete the event.

We are, after all, witches, and we did not want a barrage of houses to suddenly appear in the sky and land on us. This would have been hard to explain. 🙂

Once again, thanks to EVERYONE who participated in LPPD 2018. You, the community, the merchants, and everyone who participated in our festival… THANK YOU!